Bamdad Carton was firstly generated by Mr.Mahmoud Shahriar Pour in 1970. In the beginning, with the co-operation of the eldest son Mr.Amir Hosein Shahriar Pour, they started the job with packaging and optional activities.

After a few years of experience, Haj Mahmoud Shahriar Pour started to invent various parts in the packaging technology.

In 1981, Haj Mahmoud's other son (Mohsen Shahriar Pour) started the job as a full time team mate.

After a few years, bamdad carton generated iran's first offset laminated package. In 1991, Lamination technology improved using the semi automated machines by bamdad carton and these machines improved the lamination quality day by day.

The generator of bamdad carton, Haj Mahmoud Shahriar Pour died in 2003. Peace be upon him ...



Now, Bamdad carton is continuing its job using full automated machines which enables them to created excellent quality and luxury packages in various types. Now, bamdad carton is prouded to be one of the best companies in lamination and packaging industry in Iran.

Mr. Mahmoud
Shahriar pour

Mr.Amir Hosein
Shahriar Pour

Shahriar Pour


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